Thursday, January 28, 2010

so i was thinking..

A few ideas for the base and pieces of little land!I'm quite excited about some of the mechanisms i've been thinking of using for the pieces especially the one where the tree bark works like a swiss knife-the kids can pull out whichever or how many ever branches as they wish and put on a little felt sleeve for the leaves!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


inspiration O.o

I noticed how children always drew within a landscape. Everything had a story-how wonderful! Why does their imagination have to be limited to a drawing?What if what they drew on paper came to life??So this is how i started thinking about little land. I wanted the little ones to be able to move around what would have otherwise remained a drawing, play with perspective and share stories. The idea of having puppetry, art and craft excited me. What if children could create their own sets and enact a little movie/play? These are some of the things that inspired me:

1. puppet show

2.paper art by Helen Musselwhite

3.little box of happiness

dress up!

The wooden pieces can be customized by either painting, drawing, gluing embellishments OR the pieces can wear little colorful sleeves like the ones i made below:

little land

SO!i'm working towards creating Little Land,a set of wooden toys for little ones!yay:) Several pieces of different shapes and sizes can be slid into the grooves of the base to build a magical landscape!It's works as an imagination trigger and a tool for storytelling!