Monday, April 19, 2010

at the exhibit!

The exhibit was set up using white strips of fabric and hanging card that was designed and laser cut. The lights allowed beautiful shadows on the white walls. It looked soooo dreamyy:)

Little land at the exhibit:


  1. Nice!!..Loved your exhibit...showed some pictures to the ppl at Idiom

  2. yay!^-^
    how nice!thanku:)
    what did they think?

  3. The Loved it...It's so visually appealing..I think you should market and sell this product

  4. woohoo!
    thanks rahul!someone at the exhbit is buying my that was a big boost..i think il take ur advice!

  5. Nalisha.. That's awesome ...Your hard work paid off.. Yaaaay... If you ever need a manager.. I'm offering my services

  6. wow really??
    dats all i dat its sorted..i can breathe:)
    thanks rahul..but i will let u know if i need one..n u cant say no!

  7. Very creative, well done. I can see lots of European kids playing with little land too. Are there any coloured version in planning? I will be coming back to your blog regularly to keep myself update. If there is anything from Rome, Italy that I can do for your project just give me a shout. Contacts via my blog: All the Best!

  8. Thank you so much Donatella!There arnt any colored versions yet, but i will consider giving it a try soon:)I was so thrilled to receive you email.Thank you!:)

  9. I really love it too!

    I imagine my little girls discovering pieces with attention
    I imagine myself changing the place of the pieces following the spirit of the day...

    Have you thought of a small format to sell by postmail?

    Wish you good luck in the future.