Monday, April 19, 2010

look what i did myself:)box box box

A few weeks back i had gone to Gautam and Lavanya's workshop to make my little land box. I had underestimated box making!0.0 I was there for over 4 hrs. Was tiring but it was a wonderful experience! Although it was Easter, Gautum and Lavanya were kind enough to make time for me and were so accomodating!Each step was shown to me once after which i did it myself!:)

The workspace:

Here they were cutting logs of wood to the required size using the band saw,plaining it on the plaining machine to make it even and smooth and then cutting grooves on the table saw:

Here, the pieces were cut for the sides of the box, then smoothened on the belt sander(scary!),then the edges were cut for the single finger joint on the band saw. After this i chiselled the parts that could not be cut on the band saw and then filed it using a filer. Then the sides were all joined together with Fevicol and stuck on a plywood base. The insides were then measured to find out if they were perpendicular. Once this was determined, the pieces were secured with rubberbands for it to stay in place until it dried up:

Once the sides were fixed well, i had to fill the gaps between the joints. I did this by making a pasty dough out of saw dust and fevicol and applied it using a blade so that it could be pushed through the gaps. Once this dried, i put another layer. Now it's ready to be cut and sanded:

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