Saturday, February 13, 2010

look what i found:laser cutter!

So!after calling a zillion places, i found someone who does laser cutting!Vinayaka Laser Works in Basaveswar Nagar does laser cutting and engraving on all sorts of material. They can cut any type of wood of a thickness within 5mm and they charge based on the time taken by the machine-Rs.10 per minute. I got a tiny sample made so i have an idea of how much it would cost me for my pieces. Since it had some intricate designs it took 2-2.5 minutes (Rs.25). Since i don't plan on having intricate designs on the toys except on the 'special' pieces it shouldnt be very yay!:)This would be a better option compared to CNC if one needs to cut intricate designs as this uses thin laser beams to cut whereas the CNC uses other cutting tools/drill which are not very intricate. I got a sample of the laser cutting and engraving on wood, and cutting on foam and acrylic sheet.

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