Sunday, February 14, 2010

new new ideas

To remember:
The simpler the idea,the easier it is to get it out in the market.
Can it be produced easily and in larger numbers in terms of time and cost?

Some thoughts i had and feedback:
Yesterday i stepped on little land(unintentionally) when it was all set up, and the mountain hurt my foot!i hav a blood clot now >.<>

Some pieces can be made of coloured acrylic sheets-like white cloud:)

I can make sky and ground but what about underwater?

Try and have holes or other simple cutouts in the pieces which enables hanging/weaving.

Pieces can be sold in maybe packs of 5 which can be bought separately.

Bigger surface area-if not in the form of a table, why not divide the base into several pieces so that they canextend/construct/deconstruct their own base.can be fixed using hinges/sliding mechanism or other joineries.

Have some pieces with slits on them which would allow children to build vertically as well.

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