Wednesday, February 17, 2010

window shopping for wood

Today i went to SP road/Bamboo bazaar looking for wood suppliers because the ones in main city seemed to be expensive and only sold them in larger pieces like 8*4. Also i wanted to see what options were available at Bamboo bazaar. There were quite a few there. All willing to cut it into any size and have it ready in 1 day after the order is placed!I showed them a prototype of little land and asked them what wood would be best for it. They suggested Teak and Rubberwood. They didn't have any of the American hardwoods but what they had suggested seemed like good options. I got a couple of rates for the 2 types, but these were the lowest:

Rubber wood-Rs. 1000/cubic foot
(a small piece like 4*2 feet = Rs.100)
He said although it is finger jointed, i wouldn't have a problem cutting. It is treated.It is lighter and cheaper compared to teak.

Silver wood(untreated rubber wood)-Rs. 400/cubic foot

Teak-Rs. 1400/cubic foot
(a small piece like 4*2 feet = Rs.120)

Burma teak-Rs. 3000/cubic foot
This is higher quality, imported teak

At SP road i also found a few suppliers of colourful acrylic sheets(ya incase i suddenly ditch the sustainability/eco-friendly bit;)Acrylic sheets are available in several colors and start at 2mm thickness and go upto about 20-25 mm. The minimum size is 3*4 feet. It costs Rs. 70/sq ft.

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