Monday, March 22, 2010

moving on...MDF

So after looking at my options, i decided to go with MDF for this stage. In my initial prototype, i used MDF for the base and it looked quite good. Today i went 4mm small size MDF hunting. Every wood vendor said id have to buy the entire sheet which was 8*4 ft for Rs.400 and be a waste since i dont need so much!I finally found someone who agreed to give me the size i needed. He gave me a 4*2 ft for Rs.100. I also need 19mm MDF for the base(he said in that range, either 18mm or 25 mm was available)so he agreed to cut me the required size(which i now need to determine) instead of having to buy the entire sheet.


MDF is made from wood and other lingo cellulosic material refined into fibre and reconstituted with a resin binder. It's superior edge qualities and machineability characteristics, which combined with smooth finish and superior paintability make MDF ideal for high quality furniture applications. It is ideal for all furniture applications, children's toys, for interior application like snooker tables, paneling, partitioning, cupboards, TV cabinet, etc.

Its major characteristics:

1. Can be shaped, molded, joined, rebated, turned and grooved like solid timber

2. Finely sanded on both sides for easy finishes like painting, lamination, veneering

3. No splinter, free from knots and cracks

4. homogeneous strength in all directions

5. No warping

Tomorrow i'm going to get my first batch of pieces cut in MDF!I hope it turns out okay.

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