Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MDF it is!^-^

Today i went to the laser cutter again! but returned satisfied this time:) I got quite a few pieces cut today-this time on MDF. I was really happy to see how it turned out!

It cut neatly, although they said it takes a bit longer to cut mostly because of its thickness(4mm). The pieces didn't look as flimsy and breakable as the ones cut in rubber wood.

The cool thing was the burnt edges! When i got wood laser cut, no matter how much i wiped it, some of the black soot would still rub off onto whatever it came into contact with and also it remained half worn out(stains of clack/brown here and there-not uniform in color). Whereas with MDF, when i wiped it once, it would still remain uniformly black but wouldnt rub off.

The pieces look quite nice. I also asked him to cut me a shape from veneer but he couldnt do it for long because the veneer sheet was prone to bending which was causing problems for cutting.

I was there for about 1.5 hrs. I used up a little less than 1.5 sheets(12*24 inches each) of MDF and got about 30-35 pieces.

The negatives of the shapes looked good too. When they finished cutting all the pieces, the brought the pieces and the board with the negative cutouts and to my surprise started fixing the pieces back into the cutouts!They said it was an easy but fun puzzle:D

The burnt edges looked the same before and after cleaning:

The negative cutouts:

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