Wednesday, March 17, 2010

first batch laser cut

Yesterday i went to get the pieces laser cut. There were a couple of things that went wrong:

1.Apparently the pieces that i had got cut earlier, were not uniformly cut except for 1 slab. Before cutting, they need to set the thickness of the material and so many pieces wern't cut due to variation of thickness of wood within the same piece!

2.Also some pieces were harder than the others because of which it took longer to cut a piece which meant it burnt it alot more. Some pieces were cut alright but due to the burn, there was black soot around it. This looked really nice BUT it would start rubbing onto anything it came into contact with. So i tried using sand paper to sand off the edges to make the pieces cleaner and less messy.

3.Also some pieces which were a little delicate, along with the heat of the laser, began to bend the wood. I paid Rs. 150(which is the minimum cost) for the pieces i got cut. This cost varies with material and time it takes to cut it.

but the ones that were cut well, looked yummy:) The negative shapes looked really good too and could be used as stencils , window frames etc.
I think i might look at using plywood again.

Edges after cutting, covered in black soot:

The edges after sanding a little:

The negatives:)

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  1. I can't get over how beautiful everything looks. Especially the castle :D