Tuesday, March 2, 2010

lakshmi timbers

Today i visited another wood supplier in Yelahanka, Lakshmi timbers. This place had wood i could get in smaller quantities! So now i hopefully dont have to go all the way to Bamboo Bazaar to inquire about every little thing. There wasnt much of a price difference either. The different woods i looked at were Rubber wood, Teak, Beach, Australian Honne. The smallest size he had was 4*2 ft. I asked him to slice it into pieces of 3 mm thickness each but they said it would chip and break if they made it any thinner than 4 mm. They cut it into 5 pieces using a wood cutting machine and then passed them through the plaining machine to smoothen it. Each piece was 4mm thick.

He said there may be chances of the toy pieces breaking if i used any of the above woods and that it would be best for me to use Silver wood(it's cheaper too).
I also got samples of Teak and Beach. I spent a total of Rs. 190 there. This was mostly because i had them cut very little, specifically for which they had to turn on the machines. My heart ached to see the amount of power and wood wasted in the process :(

Band saw:

Wood plaining machine:

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