Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yesterday i went to India Wood 2010 at BIEC, Peenya. Its an international exhibition of woodworking machinery, tools, fittings,accessories, raw materials and products. It was really great!Although i was a little upset as i spent almost all of my time in the machinery sections and didnt have much time in the raw material section(what i originally went for!). But anyways it was a really good experience. I saw processes i had been reading about, i also showed my little land prototype to a lot of people and got their suggestions and feedback!

Here the machine is being used to laminate mdf cabinet doors. It was a really interesting procedure. I'm not sure what the process is called but i had read about something similar, called Thermoforming.

There were several stalls working the CNC router. It was great to watch the intricate designs it was capable of producing,not so great to watch the wood wastage!! I spoke to some of them and showed them the little land prototype and told them i was planning to use laser cutting. They said a CNC would be able to cut it easily and it wouldnt even burn the edges and make it black like the laser cutter. He said that it costs about Rs.200-300/sq ft, or Rs.500-600/hr to cut using a CNC router.

HonECOre is an eco-friendly bio-degradable and non toxic paper honeycomb
made out of recycled and recycleable craft paper to provide the best quality , longetivity and dimentional stability to your products. HonECOre is an extremely versatile product that allows you to replace many core materials used today in a economic and eco-friendly fashion. Being a paper product, it is easy to work with, harmless in handling, dimensionally stable .It also exhibits dual properties of being flexible and high strength depending on the application or the process of application.

There was an entire hall of wood dealers!lots and lots of amazing looking American Hardwoods! They had everything-Alder, Ash, Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Tulipwood, Walnut etc. Ofcourse they were expensive options, and so i spoke to some of them asking them whhat they thought i should use. The really liked the idea and suggested Teak if i wanted a really high end quality product or something like Beech wood which is not very expensive, easy to work with, and although its a really light colored wood it was be dyed to pretty much any color. There was also a stall on compressed bamboo which i missed!:(

This really excite me:) It was a really cool router for sanding. The sand paper were circular in shape and attached to the router using a really thin and soft velcro for easy/quick changing. Its great to watch them work it, makes the surface sooooo smooth!If i go ahead with laser cutting, ill probably need to sand(with a different sander though) the edges to get rid of the black soot after laser cutting.

India Wood exposed me greatly to several tools and processes and alot of other things that i didnt have much knowledge about and is really new to me. Awesome!

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